budpic.jpgThe American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials this year celebrates its 100th anniversary. Over the past century, AASHTO has become the “Voice of Transportation” influencing national transportation policy and establishing internationally recognized standards for the construction and maintenance of transportation
infrastructure. Ours is an important legacy that is filled with a century of achievements.

However, we must look ahead to what remains ahead of us. As we celebrate this historic year, AASHTO will be engaged in the national effort to pass a new surface transportation bill through Congress that will provide a long-term, sustainable revenue source for the Highway Trust Fund. This is an important story for our nation, our economy and our quality of life. AASHTO stands ready and willing to assist journalists as they communicate this critical story.

Bud Wright
AASHTO Executive Director


paulpic.jpgAs the Director of the Iowa Department of Transportation, I have made communications and public outreach top priorities for my administration. In fact, last fall my staff and I concluded a series of face to face meetings across Iowa designed to educate key influencers about the importance of transportation to everyone, every day. This same kind of dialogue must take place at the U.S. Capitol building and in state legislatures, city halls, and at kitchen tables all across the country.

The AASHTO Subcommittee on Transportation Communications serves as the conduit between AASHTO and the communications departments at DOTs in the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. As Subcommittee Chair, my goal is to help jump-start this national conversation and to get people thinking outside the box about ways to invest in transportation. We cannot do this alone. The news media has a critical role to play and I am here to help journalists in any way that I can.

Paul Trombino III, Director
Iowa Department of Transportation


tonypic.jpgJournalists should consider the 2014 AASHTO News Media Guide a personal invitation to discover AASHTO. I encourage everyone to subscribe to receive the Daily Transportation Update, the AASHTO Journal, and Transportation TV updates.   AASHTO also offers you every news release from every state DOT in a single place at our online news site,

These information products will help you stay up to date on transportation news trends in Washington and within state DOTs across the country.

AASHTO’s goal is to give journalists access to subject-matter experts who can explain complicated issues such as transportation funding and finance, transportation safety, bridge construction, innovation, and performance management. AASHTO also can provide timely access to communications professionals representing transportation agencies in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. This linkage can help journalists to develop - national, regional, or individual state news reports on myriad of transportationrelated issues.

Tony Dorsey

Manager, Media Relations