Executive Director
Bud Wright is the executive director of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). He has almost four decades of experience in both the private sector and as a top executive at the Federal
Highway Administration.
Prior to his appointment as AASHTO Executive Director, Wright served as Executive Director of the Federal Highway Administration from 2001 to 2008, assisting the Administrator in establishing policies, programs, and priorities for
the $40 billion annual Federal-aid highway program.
As FHWA’s chief operating officer Wright was also responsible for a workforce of more than 2,500 transportation professionals and an annual operating budget of $400 million.
From 2001 to 2002, Wright was the FHWA program manager for safety. Before that, he was director of the Office of Budget and Finance, where he worked extensively on the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21). In 1992, Wright became the first non-engineer to serve as an FHWA state level Division Administrator.
Wright began his career in 1975 as an economist in the FHWA Office of Planning. In 1986, he was selected for a congressional fellowship, serving with the Senate Appropriations Committee staff. In 1989–90, he was a member of the National Transportation Policy Team, which developed former Transportation Secretary Samuel Skinner’s National Transportation Policy.
Wright holds a B.A. in economics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia.

Expertise in:
  • Policy and government relations at the local, state, and Federal level
  • Management and coalition building
  • Transportation safety


Jim Tymon
Director, Management and Program Finance

jimpic.jpgJim Tymon is the Director of Management and Program Finance at AASHTO. Tymon works closely with State Departments of Transportation to develop and evaluate transportation finance and program funding proposals. He also serves as AASHTO’s Chief Operating Officer overseeing the management of the Association’s internal operations.

Prior to joining AASHTO in 2013, Tymon was the Staff Director of the Highways and Transit Subcommittee of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and served as Senior Advisor to Chairman Bill Shuster. As Staff Director, he managed the Subcommittee responsible for writing authorizing legislation for the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Tymon was the Committee’s lead staffer for the development of MAP-21— the surface transportation bill signed into law in 2012. He was also the primary staff person responsible for the Highway and Highway Safety titles in
SAFETEA LU—the surface transportation bill signed into law in 2005.

Prior to joining the T&I Committee, hespent three years with the Office of Management and Budget, where he worked as the Program Examiner responsible for overseeing the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


Expertise in:

  • Federal transportation funding
  • Innovative financing
  • Transportation policy




Joung H. Lee
Associate Director, Finance and Business Development

joungpic.jpgIn his role as Associate Director for Finance and Business Development at AASHTO, Joung Lee reviews surface transportation policy and legislative matters with the state transportation departments (DOTs), Executive branch, and Congressional staff. He examines highway and transit funding scenarios, evaluates options and proposals for innovative financing for federal highway projects, and delivers funding and financing presentations to interested parties.

Lee also serves as deputy director of the AASHTO Center for Excellence in Project Finance, which provides support to state transportation departments in the development of finance plans and project oversight tools by offering
training in state-of-the-art financing methods to advance projects and leverage funds. In addition, he is founder of Young Professionals in Transportation, a national networking association based in Washington, D.C., in which he chaired from 2008 to 2010. Lee also serves as chair of the Road Gang, a highway policy
society in Washington, D.C.

Prior to joining AASHTO in 2007, he held positions as a transportation planner and transportation analyst between 2001 and 2007 with the Federal Highway Administration’s Headquarters and Division Offices (Virginia, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New Jersey). During this time, Lee also completed assignments to the Federal Transit Administration–Region 10, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in California, and the Office of the Secretary of Transportation. He holds a Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning degree from the University of Virginia and a Master of Governmental Administration degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Expertise in:

  • Federal transportation funding analysis
  • Application of financing mechanisms
  • Policy formulation and advocacy






Lloyd Brown
Director, Communications

lloydpic.jpgLloyd Brown is the Director of Communications for AASHTO. Before joining AASHTO in August 2010, Brown served as the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) communication director, overseeing the administration of WSDOT’s public information and involvement activities throughout Washington, including such high profile projects as the SR 520 Bridge and Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement.

Under his leadership, WSDOT was recognized as a national leader in the development and implementation of social media tools, redefining the agency’s relationship with the public.

In 2005, Brown was among a handful of communications experts who responded to a Federal government request to assist with post-Hurricane Katrina Recovery, spending two weeks supporting FEMA external affairs at the
joint regional headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Prior to joining WSDOT in 2002, he worked as a public relations account manager working on and leading award-winning public relations and public affairs campaigns for a range of private- and public-sector clients throughout the West, including the California bottle and can recycling program, and Arizona’s ground-breaking anti-tobacco program. Brown began his communications career as a radio disc jockey at KZFN in Moscow, Idaho. He soon left radio to
follow his passion for writing, becoming a newspaper reporter and editor in Washington and later Arizona. He earned a Masters in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University (Spokane, Washington).

Expertise in:

  • Social media policy/practice
  • Crisis communications






King W. Gee
Director, Engineering and Technical Services

kingpic.jpgKing W. Gee is the Director of Engineering and Technical Services for AASHTO. He has more than 37 years of experience in both the private sector and as a top executive leader in the Federal Highway Administration. Gee was in private consulting practice prior to joining AASHTO in October 2013, and had a 35-year long career with the Federal Highway Administration serving in two key executive positions.

As FHWA’s Associate Administrator for Infrastructure from 2001 to 2011, Gee guided the implementation and improvement of policies and programs for the $40 billion annual Federal-aid highway program through three program
reauthorizations by Congress—advancing the national practice, providing guidance to 52 division offices in the states, and determining agency and program priorities for the core design and engineering disciplines concerning
roads and bridges and infrastructure asset management.

As FHWA’s Director of International Programs from 1996 to 2001, he defined and implemented the agency’s international program objectives and activities—influencing the U.S. highway community’s international efforts with
an emphasis on technological exchange, technical assistance, and marketing of U.S. technology and expertise; effectively increasing the U.S. public-sector engagement and leadership role globally. King started his FHWA career in
1976 as a project manager in the Demonstration Projects Division introducing new and improved methods, materials and machinery to the highway industry. Throughout his career, he continued this passion domestically, internationally and internally—spurring innovation and enhancements to programs, practices, and products. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Civil Engineering both from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.

Expertise in:

  • Highway transportation engineering and program matters
  • Organizational, program and process improvement, and change
  • International exchange and collaboration




Jim McDonnell
Deputy Program Director, Engineering

mcdpic.jpgJim McDonnell is the Deputy Program Director for Engineering at AASHTO. He serves as the staff liaison to AASHTO’s design, construction, and right-of-way/utilities committees, including oversight of the technical development of highway design and construction standards/guidance, and analysis of proposed Federal legislation and coordination of official AASHTO responses.

McDonnell has more than 20 years of experience in highway planning, traffic engineering, and design working for the North Carolina Department of Transportation, an engineering consulting firm, and AASHTO. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Duke University and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Expertise in:

  • Roadway design
  • Design-build contracting


Gummada Murthy, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Program Director, Operations

murthypic.jpgSince he joined AASHTO in June 2012, Gummada Murthy, Associate Program Director, Operations, has served as the liaison for the Highways Subcommittee on Maintenance, Subcommittee on Traffic Engineering, Subcommittee on Systems Operation and Management, and the Special Committee on Transportation Security and Emergency Management.

Prior to joining AASHTO, Murthy acquired more than 25 years of experience in all phases of transportation planning and engineering with a focus on roadway operations and roadside infrastructure maintenance, including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) deployment and operations, traffic signal systems, and roadway maintenance  programs. In 2010, hebecame Senior Program Officer at the Transportation Research Board—part of the National
Academy of Sciences. At TRB, Murthy was responsible for the implementation of transportation system reality programs through the Strategic Highway Research Program Two.

He has also held key management positions related to transportation system operations, ITS, tolling and pricing and system maintenance, at the Florida, Virginia, and Washington state departments of transportation. Murthy completed his graduate and post graduate studies at the University of South of Florida, Tampa, and holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in ITS Operations.

Expertise in:

  • Transportation systems management and operations
  • Technology implementation
  • Pricing and tolling




Greta Smith
Associate Program Director, Project Delivery

gretapic.jpgGreta Smith is the Associate Program Director for Project Delivery for AASHTO. She has more than 30 years of experience in the public sector as it pertains to the design and construction phase of project delivery of highway projects.

Prior to coming to work for AASHTO, Smith worked for 25 years with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in various
roles for project delivery, primarily in the construction and materials functional areas.

As associate Program Director, she has additional responsibilities for oversight of Technical Services Programs that provide materials evaluation and audit services for the states. In that capacity, she is responsible for working with the transportation officials responsible for construction and materials evaluations in all state departments of transportation, to provide coordinated efforts for innovative contracting solutions and product evaluation strategies.

Smith holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and is a licensed professional Engineer in the State of Kentucky.

Expertise in:

  • Construction/materials and design functions




Kelly Hardy
Program Manager, Safety

hardypic.jpgKelly Hardy joined AASHTO in July 2009 as the program manager for safety. In this role, Hardy serves as the liaison to the Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety (SCOHTS) and its Subcommittee on Safety Management.

Hardy works with state DOTs and AASHTO’s many highway safety partners to help achieve the AASHTO vision of reducing by half the number of traffic fatalities in two decades and to promote a comprehensive approach to improving highway safety on all public roads. Hardy is coordinating a joint effort between AASHTO, the Federal Highway Administration, and the Transportation Research Board to implement the safety tools set forth
in the Highway Safety Manual. With FHWA, she is helping to facilitate the development of “Toward Zero Deaths: a National Strategy on Highway Safety.”

She also supports liaisons to other AASHTO committees and subcommittees in their safety-related efforts. Prior to joining AASHTO, Hardy was a consultant serving as a project manager on highway safety related FHWA and National Cooperative Highway Research Program projects. She is a Professional Engineer, registered in Virginia, and has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Engineering degree both in Civil Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

Expertise in:

  • Highway safety




Leland D. Smithson, P.E.
Coordinator, AASHTO Snow and Ice Cooperative Program
A licensed professional engineer in the state of Iowa, Leland “Lee” Smithson is the coordinator for the AASHTO, Snow and Ice Cooperative Program. SCIOP’s function is to ensure that new, potentially implementable international and/or domestic winter maintenance technologies are adequately researched, tested, and when appropriate, implemented by individual state and municipal operational programs. A regular participant in Transportation Research Board activities, Smithson has served as chairman of several boards, committees, and panels addressing a wide range of issues such as setting guidelines for the selection of snow and ice control materials to mitigate
environmental impacts.

He retired from the Iowa department of transportation in 2002 where during his 45-year career he was director of various offices in the fields of Research, Maintenance, Planning, and Administration. 

Smithson is a graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Transportation Engineering.

Expertise in:

  • Snow and ice response and removal
  • Transportation engineering
  • Research, maintenance, planning, and administration




Matthew H. Hardy, Ph.D.
Program Director, Planning and Policy

mattpic.jpgIn his role as the Program Director for Planning and Policy, Matthew Hardy supports AASHTO’s Standing Committee on Planning, Standing Committee on Performance Management, Subcommittee on Asset Management, as well as AASHTO’s efforts in the implementation and reauthorization of federal surface transportation legislation. He has worked on projects ranging from the development of the AASHTO Transportation Asset Management Guide: A Focus on Implementation to performance-based planning and programming to transportation data. He has extensive experience in working with state DOTs to implement comprehensive transportation asset management programs. He supported the development of AASHTO’s findings on national-level performance measures to support the requirements of MAP-21. And, he has worked with the FHWA in the development of numerous resources related to the performance-based planning and programming.

More broadly, Hardy has worked with transportation professionals on the use and application of analytical tools and methods to support the decision-making process at the local, state, and federal levels. Immediately prior to his position at AASHTO, he was a Principal in the transportation division at Noblis, providing program management and research support to various agencies at the U.S. DOT. Specific topics included transportation decision making, transportation simulation and modeling, and ITS. He earned a Ph.D. from George Mason University. His research focused on the application and use of simplified integrated transportation and land use models to support metropolitan planning decisions. Hardy holds an Master of Science in Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics, and a Bachelor of Science in Urban Systems Engineering, both from George Mason University. 

Expertise in:

  • Transportation planning and performance-based planning and programming
  • Transportation asset management
  • Performance management and performance measure development